Monday, March 11, 2019

Pictures From an Expedition

At the corner of College & 22nd, I noticed the broken handset dangling from this pay phone. I hit the power window button and brought the camera up to snap a photo. Just as I framed it, the light went green and Bobbi hit the gas, since our lane ended ahead and she needed to get over to the left.

Fortunately I had inadvertently left the camera in Aperture Priority mode with the lens wide open, and the resulting 1/1600th shutter speed was fast enough to catch the shot without motion blur. A little cropping and messing with the colors in Photoshop got a not-unpleasant result.

Incidentally, if you go look at the intersection of College Avenue and 22nd Street in Google Street View, that handset's been dangling a while.

Down at Indy Reads Books, there's a row of three hulking black Underwoods sitting in the window.