Sunday, March 24, 2019


 Wayne Dobbs of HiTS won High Lawman.

Cindy Bowser won High Lady in the match, and then won the head-to-head bracket shootoff among the eight highest-scoring women in the match.

Rick Remington won the head-to-head bracket shootoff among the sixteen highest-scoring men.

Match scores are posted at the Rangemaster site.

I had a dismal score in the match, largely due to not checking to make sure my gun was, you know, loaded on a stage. (The slide went into battery on the last shot of the previous stage, and I just stuffed a fresh mag into the holstered gun, so it's obviously loaded, right? Sigh. Press checks, how do they work? There went fifteen points right there.)

The weather and range conditions conspired to ensure that my experience was far from unique, though, and my score still squeaked me into the ladies' shootoff. I managed to beat Vicki Farnham 2-0 in my first bracket, but got roflstomped 2-0 in my second bracket by eventual winner Cindy.