Saturday, July 10, 2021

Automotif CCXXVIII...

Friday afternoon I was sitting in Fat Dan's in SoBro, finishing up lunch. The weather was clement and so the garage doors that front the sidewalk were raised. I'd already received my check and was sipping the last of my drink when the corner of my eye caught the distinctive contours of a Shelby Cobra making an (illegal) left turn from the southbound lanes of College Avenue into the Fresh Market parking lot.

Damn! I had the Rebel T1i, but wearing the 24mm f/2.8 pancake lens. Nowhere near the length I needed to shoot across the street. I shoved my half-finished drink, check, and iPad at my friendly bartender, imploring "Watch these for a sec, please!" and jogged out the door and down to the corner, intending to cross and get pics of the car parked in the grocery lot. Except that before I reached the corner, here came the Cobra again, now motoring westbound on 54th, having used the Fresh Market lot to turn around.

Dejected, I returned to Fat Dan's, finished up my drink, and paid my bill. Before I headed back home to Roseholme Cottage, however, I decided to circle the block via the alley behind the restaurant...


These things still get me right in the feels, kit car or no. Hnnf.