Monday, July 05, 2021

Philly Connection

Depending on what runway is in use and the weather, you can usually get a good look at the Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility in Philadelphia, as well as the drydocks of Philly Shipyard, when you're on short final into PHL.

Mostly a bunch of Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates waiting to be given up to the breakers or perhaps friendly foreign navies who need a hull on the cheap.

Although the little huddle of three ship-ettes there on the right is interesting. Those are the three Cyclone-class patrol ships that are apparently going to a foreign buyer.

...and a bit of Googling tells me that this is the USNS Charlton, a Watson-class vehicle cargo ship, in the Philly Shipyard for an overhaul. 950 feet long and a 106-foot beam is a big ship, which should give you an idea of the size of that dydock. The Watson class are built right to the Panamax limits.