Thursday, July 01, 2021

Don't give me that Saab story.

I like the funky automobiles from Trollhättan. They're quirky and unique, from the ignition switches on the floor (Where does your hand go when you get in to start the car? To the parking brake and gear shifter, right? So why not put the ignition switch there?) to the heavily curved cockpit-like windscreens. 

By the end of the line they'd lost a lot of their uniqueness, being shoehorned into commonality with Opel and other GM brands. Still, they attract their share of slightly masochistic fans, like Alfa Romeo but with lutefisk instead of ossobuco.

Apparently someone's keeping the flame alive in North Carolina:
"Like any normal person with healthy internet habits, I sometimes venture onto Craigslist, type in "Saab," and see what pops up. Will I find a decrepit 9-5 wagon moldering in the tall grass of an unkempt lawn? Or maybe a 9-3 convertible in that acid green? Perhaps there will be a 900 or a 9000, but probably not, because North Carolina isn't exactly the heart of Saab territory. Saabs come from the land of the ice and snow, where the synchros fry and the head gaskets blow. So imagine my astonishment when I discover 10 listings—9-3s, 9-5s, even a stray 900—all in the same place. Against all odds and logic, somebody is running a functional Saab dealership a couple of hours away from me. This I have to see."