Sunday, October 03, 2021

Relaxed Grooming Standards

Jeff Horwitz's muckraking reporting on Facebook for the Wall Street Journal is some really solid investigative journalism. Honest kudos to him for it. 

But...bro, when did we start going on Meet the Press dressed like this?

The theory was advanced (in a Facebook conversation, for extra meta points, Mr. Horwitz) that the lack of serious jowls on the current host of MTP robs it of a certain gravitas and next thing you know, you've got journalists Skyping in from San Francisco wearing color-coordinated sweatbands and sport coats with nary a tie in sight. Certainly that is the sort of thing up with which Bill Monroe or Roger Mudd would not have put.

I like Chuck Todd as a host, but he does lack gravitas. He clearly loves his job and is a guy who gets very excited about politics, but it's in much the same manner as a puppy gets excited about a tennis ball.