Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Are Wheelguns Still Real Guns?

I'm thinking about trying something unusual as a project in 2022, but I'd need to find an IWB holster that would fit a 3" K/L-frame revolver. I have an old Bianchi 3S Pistol Pocket for 3" K-frames, but it's a thumb-break and won't work on an L...plus it's a thumb-break*.

Galco makes a Summer Comfort for a 4" L-frame that might be about right. It positions the cylinder above the belt line for comfort, which means the extra inch of holster would be a good thing for stabilizing the gun and keeping it from flopping out.

Also, actually, if there were a way to carry a 296 in a PHLster Enigma under certain circumstances, that'd be the berries.

Also also, I should probably look for a gunsmith who could set the barrel back on a 696 a couple turns and recut the forcing cone**, which is blown (but not cracked) on this example...

I have a line from a reader on a 396 Night Guard, which would split the difference in weight and recoil between the 696 and the 296, and might be shootable in a class-type environment. If not, the 696 would be, with 200gr loads for sure.

A good goal for me in 2022 would be shooting a FAST in 9.99 or less in a class environment. I was pretty consistently at eight seconds or a bit less with semiautos when last I was practicing, so I've got some slop built in to get my revolver reloads to not suck. That reload in the middle of the FAST is the big hangup for revolvers.

I'll need to scare up a few cases of .44 Special ammo, too, I guess...

*The Bianchi #3S is a fine IWB holster, adjustable for cant, with a reinforced mouth and suede lining, but the thumb break means it won't work with Centennial type guns at all, and it's too snug for the L-frame 696's hammer spur.

**Basically, either the gun will need a new barrel, or the shoulder can be turned down a smidge and the barrel set back and the forcing cone recut. Given that 696 barrels probably aren't growing on trees, the latter option is probably what will need doing.