Monday, October 25, 2021


The entirety of my review of the Girsan MC9 is up at RECOILweb.

Spoiler warning: It ran fine for four hundred rounds. 

Generally if a pistol works without obvious problems out of the box, it will work for the limited amount of shooting most people do with them. If you're the kind of person who shoots fifty or a couple hundred rounds a year through a particular gun, one box at a whack, the showcases are groaning these days with handguns that are perfectly adequate to your needs.

I tend to hang out with and, at least on my blog, write to the people for whom five hundred rounds is a middlin' busy weekend. This definitely skews viewpoints. Like I commented on a FB discussion this morning:
"The blinged Regard I tested was pretty much what it said on the label: A rough-around-the-edges 92 clone. It ran fine, which is a tribute to the basic design. Durability is a cypher but let's be the cynics that most importers/manufacturers in this price bracket are: Customers who buy blasters for three hundo don't put three thousand dollars worth of ammo through them. These companies could engineer their pistols to crumble to dust on the 501st shot and only one customer in a hundred would find out, and the other 99 would call him a hater."
In various gun fora you'll find people who talk about guns a lot mistaking themselves for people who shoot guns a lot. "That's not [milspec/a Glock]!" from people who bust a couple hundred caps a month and spend more time discussing hypothetical ideal AR builds on the web than shooting the ARs they build.

I'm sure I'll get some "Oh, you just said the Girsan worked because they paid you to!" commentary. Bro, you have no idea how this works, do you? First, if had been a wretched pulsating ball of suck and fail, RECOIL has proven that they have no problem letting me say that. I got paid for shooting the gun and reporting what happened, let the chips fall where they may. Second, it's not like I'm keeping the Girsan. It's going back to EAA. 

Sure it worked, but I'm hip-deep in pistols that work here. It doesn't really light my fuse, but if someone needs a cheap gun that will function well enough to check the "have a gun" box, here it is, and that's basically what I wrote.