Monday, October 25, 2021

QotD: Safety is a Process Edition...

From maybe the most important post at ToddG's blog...
The most dangerous gun handlers are the ones who think they’re too safe to worry about making a mistake.

As a community, we need to stop treating all accidental discharges as foolish and criminal acts. By placing every accident under the umbrella of sin, we do ourselves a disservice. We lose the chance to examine the details and learn from them. We lump the competitor who made a momentary transgression in with the idiot who’s never learned anything about safe gun handling. Worst of all, we create a mindset that tells us mistakes won’t happen to smart people (meaning, “us”) … which breeds complacency, which breeds more mistakes.
Bold & italics are in the original. It's worth a reading again refresher.

The thing that sets the tone for my opinion of a class & its instructor is the morning safety brief. There are industry best practices that are best practices for a reason, and straying from them is never a good idea.

You want to see the morning safety briefing done absolutely by the book? Craig Douglas's is the industry standard in my experience thus far.