Friday, August 19, 2022

All good things...

I remember talking with Farmer Frank about this sort of general feeling of melancholy I'd feel watching a good snowfall melt away, and that I couldn't figure out why it made me feel that way. He told me that it affected him the same way, and explained the reason. Deep down inside, our inner child associates the sight with snow days being over and having to go back to school tomorrow.

Relatedly, today's the last weekday of the Indiana State Fair, so I'm going to pedal down there a little earlier than usual, and maybe stay a little longer, and make a point of getting the photos that I've been meaning to get over the past couple weeks but didn't.

Because after today, it's back to waiting for next summer...

This was shot with the 50MP EOS 5DS, so it can be embiggenated to a crazy level of detail.