Saturday, August 13, 2022


The first few times Bobbi and I went to the fair, we rode down in her car, and I've driven there in the Zed Drei a couple times, too. Parking is always a hassle if you want to park on the Fairgrounds proper. I've parked in the infield of the race track, and I've parked over in the east corner of the Fairgrounds, labeled "A" on the map below. (Once you drive onto the Fairgrounds through the gate on Fall Creek Parkway, you're pretty much at the mercy of the traffic directors; you'll park where they shunt you and you'll like it.)

Vehicle parking up on the grounds of the Indiana School for the Deaf, across 42nd Street from the northwest corner of the Fairgrounds is generally less of a hassle, especially if you arrive early, but it's a bit of a hike just to get to the Fair, depending on where on the grounds they park you.

Bobbi and I have also made use of the secured bicycle parking right off the Monon Trail at the southwest corner of the Fairgrounds, marked "B" on the map. However, the nearest gate from there (marked "C") is a piece of a hike from the bike lot. Last year I just chained my bike to the fence outside that gate instead, like a lot of other folks.

This was convenient for parking, but that gate was clean on the opposite side of the Fairgrounds from Pioneer Village, where I like to spend my morning shooting photos.

This year the Monon Trail was closed north of 42nd Street for a widening project, and when I navigated my way to my usual gate there at "C" on the west edge of the Fairgrounds, it was closed, too.

I checked my maps and pedaled east on 42nd Street, which was closed to vehicular traffic, to Gate 12, which I have marked "D".

Bliss. Gate 12 is less than two miles of pedaling... maybe a ten minute bike ride, tops ...from the house, and it's just steps from Pioneer Village. I've found my new favorite way to get to the Fair.

My old Lowepro Messenger 200 barely fits in the rear basket of the Broad Ripple SUV

I mean, the entire process of pedaling down to the Fairground, locking up the bike, and strolling in the gate takes less time than just finding a parking space for the car.