Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boomsticks: The Weekly Check on the Bias... up over at Alphecca. Hot topics this week include Canadian liberals getting the vapors as plans to dismantle the nation's long-gun registry trundle forward, as well as the upcoming UN Democide Enablement Conference.

Go read.

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JPG said...

Tams - -
I think the Reuter's link you provide is particularly interesting in view of the light reading mentioned in your Juneteenth installment. Mr. Forsyth's The Dogs of War provides a rather detailled set of "How To" instructions on international trafficking in military arms. He went into some depth, even discussing the fabrication of end user documents and everything.

Of course, if you do a BIG ENOUGH arms bidness, you don't really need to smuggle - - Just containerize your "agricultural machinery," load 'er up, and ship 'er out.