Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Politics: Nagin still adept at grandstanding.

Dateline: New Orleans. As floodwaters still give the city the ambiance of "taking a sauna in a high-crime drainage ditch", according to humorist PJ O'Rourke, the National Guard has been called out to quell, well, something or other in the wake of a television appearance by Ray Nagin. "This is our line in the sand," said the city's head publicity hound, "We're saying we're not going any further. Also, it's Bush's fault."

The mood of the troops on the street was one of bewilderment. "I'm not sure what the governor thinks a mechanized infantry company is supposed to do here," said Captain Jablonski, commander of Alpha Company of the 323rd, standing on a street corner in the French Quarter, "but we'll try to carry out the mission anywa... Hang on," and then he shouted into his handset "Fire mission: Jaywalkers in the open, adjust fire, over." Shells from howitzers began bursting down Bourbon Street as he turned back to our reporter. "Anyway," he said with a shrug, "It's all pretty damn confusing."

The orders to deploy came on the heels of the shooting death of five juveniles in what police suspect was a drug deal gone sour. Mayor Anthony Williams, of Washington DC, is watching the proceedings with interest. "I never realized that you can get all these soldiers to play with just because some dope dealer ganks another one. Hell, that happens all the time here. Maybe I can get them to let me use Predator drones on DUIs." Mayor Shirley Franklin of Atlanta was said to be considering calling in airstrikes from the F/A-18's based at the Naval Air Station in Marietta as part of a proposed urban renewal project, but was biding her time until a properly tearjerking crime would let her plead for military assistance.


Rustmeister said...

I wonder who he'll call in for the next Mardi Gras?

1894C said...

Do they think people are really that stupid?

Money Quote:
"The police force has been operating with depleted ranks. It has about 1,375 officers, compared with about 1,750 before Katrina. The city's pre-Katrina population of 465,000 has rebounded to about half its size."

Do the freakin math!!

That means pre-Katrina they had a population of 465,000 with 1,750 officers a ratio of 1 officer for every 265 people.

Now they have a population of "about half" say 232,500 people and a "depleted" force of 1,375 officers.

That is a ratio of 1 officer for every 169 people. That represents a net per capita increase of 96 officers, and a 57% increase relative to pre-Katrina levels.

This does not even take into account the fact that areas that were once inhabited are not now and do not have to be covered.

The INCREASE in police presence should be dramatic. The story was pure libtard BS.

Roughedge said...

Gotta stay in the media spot light don't ya know?

Anonymous said...

Nagin calls in the NG because of a homicide? They could have that many killings in a week and it was never an issue as long as the tourist dollars were still rolling in. Hope the soldiers don't kill the party atmosphere! The city has a history of crime and corruption. Take away the tourists and their money, and that's all that's left.