Friday, June 02, 2006

Word of the Day: How to speak Tamarese.

Sh_t tickets: (shĭt tĭk'-ĕts) n.

1. Toilet paper: "Whoah! Don't go in there yet! We're fresh out of sh_t tickets!"


Raytracer said...

The other day I heard it referred to for the first time as "moon floss".

Took me a second.


pax said...


Around here, it's a "roll of kleenex."

Tells you something about my shopping habits.

Jeffro said...

How about "bungfodd" - short for bunghole fodder?

Jay G said...

It's just goddamnedtoiletpaper, which is the shortened version of "how much goddamnedtoiletpaper did you stuff into the potty, anyways?"

Yes, life is always interesting with rugrats around... ;)

sm said...

This is scary...
Sh_t Tickets is the term I use.

Another one - range use, is "Hoppe's No. 9 Picker-Upper."

Paper Towels? "Confetti"

Seems a Black Lab stole the roll of paper towels off a club house bench.

Do you realize how much confetti a dog can create with a new roll of paper towels?

The ratio is two rolls of Sh_t tickets to almost full pint of Hoppe's No. 9 spilled onto a case you were wondering...


AdaM said...

When the first time you hear this phrase is when your boss comes around the corner, saying in a menacing tone "Get some sh_t tickets for the upstairs bathrooms, now!" bust out laughing while running to do your..heh.."duty". :p