Tuesday, June 13, 2006

From the dojo of Master Ching Ching Kapow and Sensei Taprackbang:

At a local "Advanced Handgunnery School" the course topic for the day was disarming and weapon retention drills. The instructor, an alleged seal (although what being a small, furry aquatic animal who can balance a ball on its nose has to do with Gun-Fu is a mystery) selects one of his students, a local Master-class IPSC hotshot, armed with a simunitions weapon, as his training dummy:

Instructor: "Okay, now, I'm going to take away your gun, and..."

Student: *BANG!*

I: "OWWW! What the hell'd you do that for?!?"

S: "You said you were going to take away my gun, so I shot you before you could." (Student re-holsters sidearm.)

I: "Look, this is a training exercise, okay? What I'm going to do is take your gun..."

S: *BANG!*

I: "Oowww-OW! Stop it! Look, I'm just trying to t..."

S: "If you're going to take my gun, just do it; don't tell me about it. You might panic me and I'll have to defend myself."


Now you can go Walk the Earth.


Adam said...

Haha. That smart-assery is what keeps people on their toes.

Anonymous said...

I do something similiar in my classes, but it's more to lighten the mood then anything.

I'll give a student my yellow training gun and talk them through the stances to demonstrate ISO and Weaver to the class.

At the end, I'll ask the class if they want to learn "The world's easiest disarm technique."

The class always says, "Yes," so I'll turn to the student with the yellow gun and say, "Ok, hand me the gun please" and hold out my hand. They always hand it to me and then I turn to the class and say, "That's it. Ta Da!"

It works well to break up the class bit and lighten the mood before we go to the block of instruction.

Anonymous said...

Had something like that happen in a pistol class. Gave up my sidearm but kept a P32 backup.

Anonymous said...

Typical martial arts class:

Sensei: (to student) Come at me with this fake knife.

(Student stabs Sensei with an underhand stroke to the ribcage)

Seneai: No no no! Come at me LIKE THIS (Senseai demonstrates wide overhead stabbing motion that can be easily blocked)

T.Stahl said...

Reminds me of my aikido class.
It never seems to work when I want to show my brother what I just learned.

Anonymous said...

TX CHL class: instructor with his red plastic 45 out, hands red rubber knife to student volunteer. Student sticks knife in instructor belly, and says, "Hey, you've got a gun and I've got a knife. No way am I gonna wait for you to get ready."