Thursday, June 22, 2006

Light Blogging Today.

Due to an inability to reboot the cable modem at Casa del Tam, I was unable to do any of my blogging this morning before leaving for work.

I have the posts typed up on my PC at home, and the photos are in the camera, but until the technical difficulties can be rectified, y'all get bupkis. Sorry 'bout that. :(

(On the upside, I did finish The Dogs Of War. What an unexpected and good ending. :) )


B&N said...


I recall a couple months ago that you mentioned acquiring a copy of Molon Labe'.

Finished it yet? Thoughts?

I haven't read TDOW, but given a positive reaction by you, I think I might put it in my queue.

A list of your favorites sometime?

Steve Skubinna said...

What fascinated me most about Dogs of War was the indepth view of international banking. This was before ATMs and electronic fund transfers, and it was eye opening to see how convoluted the process was of moving money between countries.

Anonymous said...


Yes its a v good book. (lots of his are worth a read)


The film is total C**p.