Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blog Stuff: Aaarrggh!

Good friend's wedding coming up.

Haven't a thing to wear.

Have discovered that somehow, after my last move, all my nice shoes are either for my left foot or right foot. Their respective mates seem to have vanished to wherever socks go in the laundry. I still have two pairs of really hideously ugly shoes that I wouldn't wear to a hog-calling contest, one pair of which I don't even recollect buying, and the other of which was an emergency purchase at 9PM while on vacation. Two pairs of shoes: That's what happens when one has been free to go about in sneakers, boots, sandals, or barefoot for lo these last several years.

Hair still a wreck.

I'd almost sucked up the nerve to punk out on him by not showing up (out of embarassment), claiming work as an excuse, but I made the mistake of calling my sister on her birthday. While she and I chatted, I explained my dilemma. I got slapped down hard:

"It's his wedding, and y'all are like best friends! You have to go!"


Thanks, sis.

I reckon I'll be shoe shopping tomorrow and getting my mane trimmed on Wednesday. Or vice versa.

I really love formal occasions. Does it show?


AdaM said...

You don't think he'd enjoy seeing you wear a sundress and some Adidas GSG9's?! Now THAT'S tacti-sexy!


Ben said...

Are you considering one of those cute double-naught-seven inner thigh holsters?!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest a 1911. Classic with style.

pax said...

Well, and now you've told the world your dilemma, so you really-and-truly have no choice!

Good luck on the shoe hunt.

Twycross said...

Whoa now! Shoe shopping is very addictive for the fairer sex, and even tactical people such as you are not immune to the risk. It only takes a couple trips to develop a full-blown habit! :)

Anonymous said...

Before and after pics?


phlegmfatale said...

You know, there are some really great looks with dressy girl trousers these days - that always looks amazing on women with legs longer than 18", which I'm guessing you do. I think you'll look better and more elegant in something you're comfortable in, and there's a greater chance you'd wear it for a second occasion rather than relegating it to the "shit, when did I buy THAT?" pile. We'll want a full report. I'll bet you'll come back saying you're glad you went and you had a nice time, even if you did have to get a bit gussied up. ...or maybe you can just be-dazzle a holster - nothing says "girly" like be-dazzling.

SteveO said...

You're a southern girl, he's your best friend... wear the boots, if they're nice. If not, buy new boots!

And I like the idea of a skirt instead of trousers, because an inner-thigh holster is tacti-hot.

I haven't bought dress shoes since the late 1980s, and as long as they make cowboy boots, never will again.

I bouught a new pair of boots for my wedding, and had my HK .45 stuck in my cummerbund. We do that all the time in Texas!

Tennessee Budd said...

When in doubt, wear what I wore to my wedding: black T-shirt, black jeans, riding boots.

T.Stahl said...

I can feel with you, Tam.
With the exception of yesterday I wore the same outfit at work for two weeks. The same shoes and trousers, just different blue, black or charcoal Tees. My colleagues must be wondering whether...
a) I'm just unimaginative or
b) own only one pair of black jeans and khaki cargo pants. ;-)