Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Abandon all Hope...

...'cause here comes the Change.

They may mean to rule well. They may mean to rule fairly. They may mean to rule for your own good, you poor benighted cousin-humping peasant, you. But dammit, they mean to rule.

(H/T to Kahr40)


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Not fit to clean our toilets, yet they want to rule us.

Funny, that.

Anonymous said...

To rule they need the consent of theose they seek to rule.....fat chance!

The Raving Prophet said...

They don't need your consent. They just need overwhelming force. Remember Mao? "Power is derived from the barrel of a gun" Mao?

Yeah, the leftys know that one too- why else do you think they keep trying to take all the guns away?

Anonymous said...

Oh man...they're going to have a black man running the White House when they can't get 10 of them to run a freakin' White Castle. Lord help us all.

staghounds said...

And you expected?

I wish the R party would remember this sort of thing in future, especially the "gang of 14".

Look for a filibuster rule change, too, if the Ds aren't proof against the current one in the Senate.

Earl said...

Rule? isn't this America and Captain Kirk don't play by no stinkin' rules.

Remember Jim Bowie, Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston? I come from a long line of people that never got the message, and weren't paying attention to who's on first.

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