Friday, January 09, 2009


The National Portrait Gallery already?

Sweet Buddha on a bicycle, he hasn't even been sworn in yet!

Then again, not even George Washington managed to heal the earth and lower the oceans before Inauguration Day; all he did was some Gaia-hatin' deforestation in an organic cherry orchard. Oh, and he foolishly squandered money by flinging it across rivers instead of responsibly giving it to asshatted financial firms and deadbeat wannabe home buyers.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Creepin' Wotan!
Fairey has even admitted that that the portrait has its roots in Soviet propaganda posters.

Anonymous said...

Just Print it out at 11x14 and take it to the range, should make a nice target.

Capt Thud

B Smith said...

Capt Thud:
That will get you a nice little investigative ass-raping by the Friendly Neighborhood Goon Squad, and a federal rap for 'making terroristic threats'.