Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fight tha power!

Think the dumb kiddie clothes/toys law I referenced in an earlier post needs to make with the go-aways?

So do lots of other people. Casto Creations has links to help stand up to The Man.

You can have my hand-knit, organic, locally made, sustainably-produced, mohair baby blanket when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!


closed said...

So ... tin soldiers for kids are right out, then?

Anonymous said...

FWIW, they've exempted resellers, consignments, thrifts, etc. Not a complete fix, but it does help some of the affected folks:

Tam said...

From the linked site:

"The new safety law does not require resellers to test children’s products in inventory for compliance with the lead limit before they are sold. However, resellers cannot sell children’s products that exceed the lead limit and therefore should avoid products that are likely to have lead content, unless they have testing or other information to indicate the products being sold have less than the new limit. Those resellers that do sell products in violation of the new limits could face civil and/or criminal penalties."

That's not much of an exemption. If I had a second hand store in a liberal enclave like SF or Boston, I'd be getting out of the kiddie toy business. I don't need any federal felonies...

Anonymous said...

And you think clothes are hard to sell at a yard sale now...

CastoCreations said...


=) This whole law pisses me off and that stupid so called exemption is pretty far from exempting anything.

Hubby and I are trying to have a crumb cruncher and I want the right to buy used clothes and handmade goodies damnit.

kahr40 said...

My wife sells our kids old stuff on eBay. Do those guys even consider the consequences of what they do?
Theye have way too much time on their hands. We need to find them some real work. Say maybe making big rocks into little ones?

Anonymous said...

This is even scarier:

Tuesday, January 06, 2009
New Congress Will Be Anything But Open and Transparent
Posted by: Michele Bachmann at 1:07 PM

In about an hour, the 111th Congress will be sworn into office and the first matter we will take up is consideration of the new House Rules Package. Not only does the new package miss the opportunity to make important improvements to the earmarking and budgeting processes, such as increased transparency, it also essentially shuts off debate and prevents Republicans from proposing policy alternatives to the Democrat majority’s agenda.

No ifs, and, or buts about it - the Democrats are denying debate through gimmicks and legislative maneuvering, suppressing alternative ideas and dissenting views.

The Democrat-controlled Congress is coming off two years of abysmal leadership that denied the opportunity for debate more than any other Congress in our nation's history. Speaker Pelosi promised Americans transparency and open government in the political process, but sadly, we've received just the opposite. And, somehow, they’ve managed to make it even worse.

But, the restrictions on debate and the roadblock to alternative ideas are just where the bad news begins.

The Democrats are actually rewriting the rules to make it easier to spend your money and harder to cut your taxes.

Their rewrite of the “pay-as-you-go” rule includes a provision to tax and entitlement bills to be “packaged” together for purposes of calculating PAYGO compliance. This insulates their proposals from having to stand against Republican alternatives and makes it easier to circumvent rules that are supposed to keep Congress from running the federal balance sheets into the red.

Furthermore, the rewrite of the PAYGO rule allows for “emergency” designation of spending. It allows anyone to designate spending as “emergency,” exempting it entirely from PAYGO enforcement. The emergency designation isn’t even debatable.

This Rules Package is anything but open and transparent and creates an express lane for Democrats to tax and spend your money with nothing and no one to stop them.