Friday, January 09, 2009

Lesser of two evils.

Apparently Interstate 5 is blocked by flooding, cutting Portland, Oregon off from Seattle. Unfortunately for Oregonians, I-5 north out of Sacramento is just fine.


Julie said...

willing to swop flooding for a week of around 90-100F that we've had recently ... anyone?

Earl said...

Being cut off from California has an interesting effect - we get all the virtual bad vibes but none of the real fruits and vegetables. Not a healthy diet at all.

atlharp said...

Don't worry, I'm gonna go blow the bridge!

Tam, can I borrow some Det Cord?

perlhaqr said...

Did this happen last year?

Regolith said...

Eh, Portland is like San Francisco-lite, so cutting off CA won't do any good without completely isolating Portland. as well.

Word Verification: undude. noun. A Californian hippy who has been emasculated from watching too much Oprah. In other words, 60-70% of California's male population.

Joe Huffman said...

Seattle is cut off on the east too. All the passes through the Cascades are closed.

I was planning to go back to Idaho tonight but it's looking rather iffy at the moment.

Adrian K said...

We live in one of those river valleys, but we're doing okay here in my end of town so far.

The east end of town got inundated with 4-6' of water though, but it hasn't breached the 8' railroad berm yet.

Got the emergency totes next to the car in case we have to bug out though.

If it hits 90', the valley's pretty much screwed because the river won't be able to figure out where its channel lies. It's all old lahar deposits here and almost completely flat.

CastoCreations said...

Yes, well, hubby had to work a twelve hour overtime shift yesterday because of the stupid road closure.

And we're trapped in Washington ... we either can go to Canada or stay put. *sigh*

I think the roads will open up later today though. Not that I'm going anywhere - I'm still stuck. :)

Sigivald said...

Naw, you can cut around through Tenino and avoid the Chehalis/Centralia flood zone, it's just slower.

D.W. Drang said...

Did this happen last year?
Yes, we had a 500 Year Flood last year, too.

jed said...

As a former Oregonian, I'd say the being cut off from Seattle isn't a big deal.

And really, we should have dug a moat along the southern border back when Tom McCall was the guv.

Oregon is such a great place to live. Too bad it's gone all lefty-looney. (Which, sadly, had already started before I left.)

Geoffrey said...

I know, it's all we need. Greater traffic and influence from California.


verification: warmas; welcome to the state legislature?

theirritablearchitect said...

"Unfortunately for Oregonians, I-5 north out of Sacramento is just fine."

You mean, you can tell the difference of the two?

loki said...

I'll worry about Portland's weather woes after I finish shoveling 7" of globull warming. Maybe.

wv: fequet - no comment.