Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Today In History: _ . _ . _ _ . _ _ . .

On this date in 1904, the Marconi Corporation issued Circular No. 57, specifying that the signal "CQD" would henceforth be used as a distress signal in wireless communications.

That lasted about two years before it was replaced by "SOS". Of course, wireless operators immediately complained that things were better back in the old days of the year before last.


Turk Turon said...

Nice one! Thanks. The dots and dashes were plainly visible on my Blackberry.

Anonymous said...

Here's a gripping- and chilling- distress call story:
My first SOS at NMO

Anonymous said...

I know Jeff Herman. Highly recommended reading!

VW: morsedne

Anonymous said...

Changed from "Come quickly! Danger!" to "Save our souls!"

SOS was much quicker to key.

I used to know all that Morse Code stuff when I was a Boy Sprout.