Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"I am Joe's phone..."

Right now I am not very happy with Richard Mourdock.

Joe Donnelly has always been a reliable pro-gun vote, but Joe is not only reliably pro-gun, he is also a reliable Democratic Party animal.

With a month left as a representative until his swearing-in as Indiana's junior senator, his phone has got to be just blowing up right about now:
"Mr. Donnelly! NRA on line one!"
"Mr. Donnelly! DNC on line two!"
"Mr. Donnelly! Senator Feinstein on line three!"
"Mr. Donnelly! Wayne LaPierre on line four!"


Bram said...

"Everyone from your state on line 5 through a million."

Anonymous said...

If they are going to ram another gun control law down our throats, they should at least name it in honor of the scumbag that motivated them to pass it: The Adam Lanza Gun Control Act of 2012.


The Quiet Man said...

Anyone taking bets which side of the fence this guy will fall on?!?

Tam said...

"Anyone taking bets which side of the fence this guy will fall on?!?"

It ain't going to be because I didn't call him.

DanH said...

Don't worry. Obama is naming a Task Force. This guarantees absolutely nothing will get done. A DC Task Force is the modern equivalent of Governor Lepetomaine's group of old men sitting around saying "harumph."
It's what they do to save their phony-baloney jobs ;p

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

After all, it's not as if Joe didn't want the job.

Now he can suffer the consequences of victory.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1) The Biden task force sounds like pointless inanity, and probably will be, but that doesn't mean they can't work mischief. Even if nothing is legislated and it's all executive dept. policies, they can still do significant damage.

2) Feinstein will introduce another AWB. What she was discussing on the radio the other day was much worse than the original AWB - broader definition of "AW", and although she wasn't talking confiscation of currently owned guns, she was talking an absolute restriction on sale/resale: ie, you keep it, or it goes to the authorities for destruction.

I'm more optimistic about the mood of the country than I was a couple of days ago. After the initial shock, it seems a lot of people are deciding they aren't pro-gun-bans after all.

But the antis own 66% of the government now. A couple of RINO defections in the House, and they could pass something pretty darn stinky.

I think Senator Donnelly needs to get about 2.5 million phone calls, letters, and emails coming up. To the effect of "You were elected in Indiana only by grace of your NRA A rating. Team up with Senator Feinstein, and you're One-Term Joe."

Carmel IN

The Jack said...

I just called. The secretary I talked to was cagey. Looks like Donnelly isn't quite willing to sit one way or there other.

It can't hurt. And it does give a reminder as to how the guy's even in office. Right on Alath

Anonymous said...

@ The Jack,
Where did you find his number?
Searching US Senate contact info still has Lugar listed.
Google only gives me info for his campaign office, which seems to be closed.

Ed said...

Time to write a check to the Second Amendment Foundation. It appears that the SAF will be busy filing suit to vacate Unconstitutional law. You do not need to know what the laws state yet, but you can almost guarantee that the laws will infringe the RKBA, because that is what they do by their nature. In the meantime, the Congress, the various state Legislatures, the Federal and local legal staffs fritter away money on this Kabuki theater to make hoplophobes feel safer. I can see the script now:

Look! We did something! Something reasonable! Common sense measures! What is wrong with those bitter, clinging gun nuts?

Tam said...

Anon 12:18,

"Where did you find his number?"

The word "phone" in the post is a hotlink to Rep. Donnelly's contact info page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tam.
One of these days I'm going to get me some net litter-racy.

Lawrence Person said...

When push comes to shove, there's no such thing as a pro-Gun Democrat.