Sunday, December 16, 2012

Overheard in Roomie's Bedroom...

The news announcer on the TeeWee was explaining that, after her fainting spell and concussion, Hillary would have to cancel some appointments:
TV: "Due to her health, Clinton will no longer testify at a House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday on the attack on a U.S. mission in Libya."

Me: "What, did she trip over Dick Nixon's tape recorder and hit her head on Vince Foster's tombstone?"
I'm sorry, that was just a hanging curve, belt-high and right over the plate.


JD Rush said...

She drew the boo-boo card. Guess that is better than the sex scandal card. Not that anyone would care (or want to know) about a Hillary's sex life.

Bob said...

I heard the news and I immediately thought, I hope she didn't break a hip. Or a cankle.

Alien said...

Tam, I'm assuming you and Bobbi have to compensate, in some economic manner, the local utility for the electrons consumed in powering the televisions at Roseholme.

So, why are those electrons, and dollars therefore, being wasted on "news." Because it isn't.

There may be some value in garnering intelligence on what the American Commies are proselytizing, but I'd offer that if neither you nor Bobbi has figured it out by now there's no hope for successfully determining it in the future.

Sounds to me like some of the dollars spent on electricity could be better spent on ammo and range fees.

Tam said...


Your suggestion is being taken under advisement and being given all due consideration. :)

Tam said...

(...Bobbi points out that a year's worth of TeeWee electricity costs about three boxes of nine at today's prices, assuming you buy the cheap stuff. That's one decent range visit. What do I do the other three weekends of January, to say nothing of the remaining eleven months?)

Robert Fowler said...

JD Rush said... Not that anyone would care (or want to know) about a Hillary's sex life.

Thanks JD. I'll have to leave something utterly disgusting for you.

Remember that revenge is best served cold.

How convenient that she can't testify. Why can't she phone it in from her bed? After all, they did say she would be working from home. Maybe Zero is having her take one for the team.

rickn8or said...

"I'm sorry, that was just a hanging curve, belt-high and right over the plate."

If you had let it go by you wouldn't be the Tam we all know and love. And the back-pressure would have destroyed you.

If you or I were scheduled to testify in Congress over say "steroid use in baseball", the best medics in the country would have us patched up well enough to speak from a gurney in no time. (Which makes me think Cankles is missing a golden PR opportunity here.)

I wonder what particular flavor of ethanol lead to her "dehydration" and "fainting" which lead to falling.

Does this mean she can't run for President in 2016?

Ygolonac said...

Hilary Clinton just became to horrible example to children worldwide, by showing that you *can* hold your breath until you don't have to do something.

Alien said...


"Bobbi points out that a year's worth of TeeWee electricity costs about three boxes of nine at today's prices...."

I might consider one day at the range a better value than 364 days of what's on TV of late, and substituting 22 for 9 might stretch that to a long weekend, but point made.

Ygolonac said...

Just because you *have* a TV doesn't mean you wave to *watch* swill.. I mean, broadcast/cable TV. Terabytes of video on my system, all ready to stream. (Now you know why I can't afford lots of guns.)

Now, if only my media box understood how to display scanned comics in the native format... I don't think they make a Kindle/Nook/other-ebook-reader for Samsung plasma flatscreens yet, either.

Bob in Houston said...

Actually if your Samsung Plasma has an HDMI input to spare, you can get a Android tv gizmo off of Amazon for about 40 bucks, I've got one on mine, its the "Mini MK802 Android 4.0 Google TV Box", running the "Cool Reader" app, it seems to cover all the various book formats, not sure about the comic book ones since I have none, neat gadget for sure.

Ygolonac said...

Bloody hell. I've been seeing some talk of "turn your TV into a tablet" items for a while, and I never thought of that. Thanks!

mariner said...

Here's something you can do with that TeeWee:

I hear doing it on large-screen HD is quite the experience.


Windy Wilson said...

Bob in Houston, your big screen tv as tablet, I have a nook. If I got a Samsung and did what you said, would I have to sit within arms length of the TV to use it as a tablet? Kind of defeats the purpose of having a 84 inch TV in that case.

Justthisguy said...

Hey, you guys quit picking on those two grumpy old spinsters! If they want to have a TV just so they can use it as an alarm clock, and something to yell at, that would be none of yer business.

I write as a grumpy old bachelor, who seems to share similar sentiments with those two, a lot of the time.

Ygolonac said...

Windy - you have somewhat more real estate and resolution on the big screen. Also, (probably) no touch capability. Depending on what you're doing with the Tablet of Mass Consumption, it should be about the same viewability at indoor range. (I'm about 12 feet from my 53" plasma right now, and it's comparable to my Nook Color held at 18" or so.)

Geodkyt said...

But Tam, three boxes of 9mm these days is like a brick or two of .22LR, no?

Think of it as grouping practice.