Thursday, December 20, 2012

Overheard in the Hallway...

Me: "Dammit, I was really proud of that post, and I don't even get a laugh?"

RX: "'Tamara K.: Sensitive Blogger.' That's because you were crabby when you wrote it."

Me: "I'm always crabby when I write posts; it's why I do it first thing in the morning."


Anonymous said...

I laughed--a little

Anonymous said...

Do you shake your fist at the monitor too?

I am taking two moms to the range on Sunday. The light finally went on after last week.


Chris said...

I'm at work. Had to stifle laugh. Guy in next cube asked if I was OK.

skidmark said...

We have been reading your blog since before yesterday - so we know to give some time for the herbal tea to kick in.

BTW - one does not do a dust-off from WGMES. It's more like calling the folks from Serv-Pro: "Like it never happened." Sure, that spoils your reference, but "Windage and elevation, Mrs. Langdon. Windage and elevation." (Getting it right is more important than looking good, in spite of what SEEL Team IXVII says.)

stay safe.

Jennifer said...

It's the internet law of inverse reactions. The harder you work or the prouder you are of a post, the less reaction it will get. This can be mitigated by adding a picture of a cat.

JohninMd.(help?) said...

What Jenn said, especially with the AADD......look! squirrel!!

Anonymous said...

All hail the Queen of Snark!

Anonymous said...

*And I mean exactly that: It is not only thought-provoking, but it is obvious that much thought went into the writing. It is full of thoughts."

thanks for clearing that up ;)

Picture of the day on #mapcrunch; a swedish woman carrrying a Toblerone the size of a LAAW rocket. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Which post are we talking about?

Mike James

Anonymous said...

Try tapping the mic, " this thing on? chirp chirp..."

So maybe *that* post wasn't teh funny, but *this* one is..."Tamara K.: Sensitive Blogger." Ha! Thanks, RX!


GunDiva said...

Had I seen your post, I would have laughed my arse off, Miss Sensitive Blogger :)

In fact, I'm reading it now (well read it before I commented) and am still giggling.

LabRat said...

I chuckled several times.

Admittedly the belly laugh came when I found out there really is a William Golding middle school... and Team Piggy made me do it again.

MSgt B said...

I totally get that.

I'm the funniest guy I know, and nobody gets me.

It's a curse.

Ed said...

"a swedish woman carrrying a Toblerone the size of a LAAW rocket."

She told you that it was Toblerone and you believed her? That is the ultimate in not so concealed open carry! Was it the blonde hair, blue eyes, the breasts... or the unspoken promise of candy?

Was her nickname "Auntie Tank"?