Saturday, December 15, 2012

What media bias?

 In 2009, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., was among 58 senators to back an amendment allowing a person holding a concealed weapon permit in one state to hide his firearm when visiting another state.
...and I looked around, and this wasn't the editorial page.

Careful, Mr. Montopoli! You might want to roll up your cuffs; you're splashing blood all over your slacks.


Yrro said...

Wait... did I miss something? Did the shooter have a concealed carry permit?

Robert Fowler said...

These blood dancing sons of bitches sicken me. Less than a hour after the first reports yesterday Collectivists Supporting Government Violence (CSGV) were already dancing in the blood of the victims.

JustSomeGuy said...

The usual suspects remain reprehensible as usual. No surprise. (Anger? Yes...much.)

Fair warning: if you value normal blood pressure and don't want to tease the aneurysm in your brain, don't read the comments.


Kristophr said...

Yrro: Nope.

Just more blood dancing. Instead of advocating useful.

John A said...

Friday Dec 14, 20 primary-school students attacked -

oops. with a knife not a gun.

Pawpaw said...

And yet, we still don't have a full report on Harry Reid's penchant for pederasty.

Anonymous said...

OK, I keep reading this and I just don't get it.
"Permit one to hide his firearm..."
Is that what a carry permit does?
You mean, if I didn't have an LTC, I'd have to keep all my firearms on open display at all times?

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish idiotic propaganda from plain old idiocy.

Carmel IN

rickn8or said...

"And yet, we still don't have a full report on Harry Reid's penchant for pederasty."

Pawpaw, that came one step closer to happening today. Seems Hillary "fainted" from "dehydration" cracked her skull and now has a "concussion." So that's one excuse taken off the table and available for Harry to use.