Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh, IMPD! You're just the gift that keeps on giving!

Another IMPD officer arrested, and it's not for drunk driving this time!
Detectives from the IMPD Special Investigations Unit arrested 40-year-old John Haggard of Indianapolis. He was arrested for burglary, criminal recklessness, criminal confinement, pointing a firearm, domestic battery and battery.

In the wake of the Bisard scandal, any new chief that came in was going to be facing a mucking-out chore of Augean Stable proportions. It would take a leader of Herculean abilities to carry it off, and unfortunately the new guy is just not giving off that kind of vibe.


mikee said...

As I wrote before, enjoy the Baltimortification of your police department.

When the stories change from domestic abuse and drunk driving by cops to police arrested for protecting drug gangs, AND THEY WILL, you should find a new city in which to live.

Robert Fowler said...

Wow Mikee, that's really something to look forward too.

Mick Havoc said...

Unfortunately, very few SEALS with PhD's in abnormal psychology/divinity get hired these days

In the best departments:
30% are the princes/princesses of the city-high achievers
50% are working class people who just needed a job-not bad people but they have to be led.
20% are walking dead, with a sizable portion out and out sociopaths.
Add in political interference and strong unions which protect their most useless members.
Such is our reality.

28 years on the job, 20 as a supervisor/commander with some time running internal affairs.

rickn8or said...

"He was arrested for burglary, criminal recklessness, criminal confinement, pointing a firearm, domestic battery and battery."

It was purely accidental.

Matt G said...

Without knowing anything about the case, let's again note that IMPD did try to clean up their own mess, here, and publicly so.

I frickin' HATE dirty cops, and I HATE coverups.

If we don't applaud IMPD for doing what needed doing, and instead jeer them for it, we sure cut down on their incentive to take down their bad ones.

To Haggard: You embarrass and diminish us.

To IMPD: Good job on trying to make it right. Now go and do better.

docjim505 said...

Matt G,

Well said!

Kristophr said...

I think I would rather have them falling down drunk then committing random assaults.

Kristophr said...

Matt G: the problem with cleaning out the Augean Stables is that the smell causes everyone within a mile to gag and faint.