Saturday, April 19, 2014


Ice cream machine's all jammed up this morning.

Maybe later.


MSgt B said...

I'll add some content.

Last night the big discussion was whether or not to use the leftover ham or crack open a can of Spam for the fried rice. Mrs B wanted to use the ham, I think she harbors some sort of psychosomatic olfactory aversion to meat in a can, the way her nose keeps wrinkling up every time she says the word "Spam".
Miss B jumped into it (she was on Skype with her mom at the time) and reminded me that fried rice was actually "leftovers" in most Asian countries, and I shouldn't mess with a meme carelessly.

So basically I was browbeaten by a 40-something housewife and a young lesbian into using ham instead of Spam in the fried rice.

The worst part? It was really, really good with the ham, but there's no way I'm going to admit it to either of them.

Mike_C said...

> fried rice was actually "leftovers" in most Asian countries

Huhn, that's news to me. But no big deal -- after all, french toast started as leftovers as well, and most people consider it a bit of a treat these days.

Erhm. "Freedom Toast!"