Monday, April 28, 2014

Tore up.

All I did was walk around for the last three four days, but physically I feel like I took a beating.

It's hard to cram work, play, catching up with friends, and some time to get eyeball prints on all the cool guns into the space of a long weekend, and still have time to hike to and from the far corners of the many scenic parking garages of downtown Indianapolis.

I got some ideas for stuff to write about, took a bunch of pictures with mixed results, and have a stack of business cards to sort through. (Weren't we supposed to have dispensed with business cards by now? We were just going to blip our PDA or Newton's infrared ports at each other, or something?)

Now I've gotta return the rental car, and spring the rejuvenated Zed Drei from durance vile at the auto day spa.


D.W. Drang said...

Business cards: I believe some cell phones do the direct sharing of info, but you have to have the correct app...

One of the odd jobs I had during my time as a temp was at Micro$oft, scanning in a huge stack of business cards for a software engineer, who had been to one event and was on the way to another. Not sure how they justified that expense, but obviously, they felt it was worthwhile. Only lasted one day, and the contracts @MS got longer and better, so it was worth it even though the day's pay barely paid for the commute.

Also, I had a Casio Zoomer, the direct competition of the Newton. I preferred it, since it ran on AA batteries. (I probably still have it somewhere...)


Echo said...

Are blogger meetups still a thing? I never hear about them any more.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It was fun!

og said...

I do trade shows sometimes three times a year. Combine the four to ten days of walking/standing with ten to fifteen days of setup/teardown and it gets ugly. I usually begin a month ahead of time by walking a couple miles a day on hard concrete. It doesn't help, but it gives you the ability to ignore the pain.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Know how you feel. Wearing my Fuzzy Slippers today to let my feet return to their Normal Clodhopper Size. But it was sure Great to meet you and Bobbie!

BTW, after getting home last night, I told the WIFE what Murphy and SOOOO many of my "Dear Friends" did about the "No #alls!" Challenge that was issued. She thought for a few seconds, and said, "Well, let me know if we have to get a new Computer for you to use."

I Surrender. Spread the Word, but give me a few days to get it up and running.

BTW, FYI. Just discovered that Ohio signed Reciprocity with Arizona a few months back. Checked out their Website, and for $60 and a couple of months wait, you can get a CHP that the Snobs in Ohio will honor.

Then YOU can come Visit Us on the North Coast w/o being Disarmed.

Take Care.

Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

"eyeball prints"
I love it.
I've left a few of them myself in various fun places.

Rich in NC

Murphy's Law said...

You think you got troubles? Some of us unrealistically brought a metric ton of pistols and ammo with us to Indy after deluding ourselves into thinking that there might be time for a blogshoot on top of everything else!

Tam: we must shoot when you come back east.

Les: Why I get all the blame for offering a simple "EITHER OR" choice? You got to choose. Blog on, McDuck!

pediem said...

And then there were those of us who simply failed at the idea of business cards. My first NRA...I promise I'll do better next time!

Anonymous said...

Great to finally meet in person. Indy sure has gotten "big city". JW Marriott charged me $36 a day for parking. The last time I was at St. Elmos, the shrimp cocktail seemed overpriced at $8.00, now it's $16! But, they had the best steak of the three: Elmo, Shula's, Capital Grill. I expect $100+ a plate in Vegas/Chicago/NYC, but Indy??!! Larry Weeks

Matt G said...

Thank you very, VERY much for the lift, my friend. Your company was such a pleasure.