Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Okay, that's kinda sexy...

3 Gun competitor Tyler McCutcheon holding 4-pound Omega Armory AR racegun. Apparently this development mule has 15k rounds on the books already.

Lots of machining away of excess metal. No port cover or forward assist. Because racegun.

Carbon fiber free-float tube and receiver extension. The lower receiver has a generous magwell, despite all the lightening work that's gone on.

They claim that by playing around with port sizes, brakes, and reducing reciprocating mass, the gun is still plenty controllable in rapid fire.


Angus McThag said...

I was going to launch into a diatribe...

But then I realized that their 15k rounds were specifically tailored to that gun unlike a bog standard AR eating whatever's cheapest at Wal Mart...

So tailored that even with the light masses they're not experiencing bolt bounce that causes problems.

Tam said...

I'll bet a Honda IndyCar engine runs like shit on pump gas, too. ;)

Tam said...

(Of course, I suppose you could tinker enough with buffer weights, springs, port sizes, et al, to get it to eat M193 or M855.)

B said...

That WAS a sweet bit of engineering, wasn't it?

I need one.

Because Racegun.

Maybe if I did a GoFundMe page?

global village idiot said...

At this end you have bolt carriers made of spider webs, and at the other end a few days ago you had a tack-driving, toll-call-distance front-loader.

For both firearms I found myself thinking "Great Caesar's ghost why?!"

Then I remembered that people ask me the same thing about ham radio and I remembered my answer:

"When you're the one paying for my pastimes, you get to ask; until then, 'Because it pleases me to do so' is all the answer you need."


Scott J said...

Four pounds. Wow.

Quite a contrast from the '03-A3 from my Highpower days. I added lead to its stock to make it weigh 11 pounds.

Completely different applications though.

RevolverRob said...

I like it. I've been wanting to put my AR on a diet. Seven pounds is heavy for a poodle shooter, I don't know how guys carry those eleventy-billion pound ARs with enough gear on them for fighting the zombie hordes.

4 pounds is a little extreme, but I think the lightest guns out right now are running about 5-5.5 pounds, so that's pretty impressive weight cutting.


Alien said...

I'll bet a Honda IndyCar engine runs like shit on pump gas, too

Actually, they used to run on methanol until the Commie Green Lobby leveraged enough publicity to get IRC to switch to corn-based ethanol.

As a side note, I used to race on methanol, too, and since methanol is corrosive to aluminum, we used a portable gallon can of gasoline (decades before anyone though to contaminate it with ethanol) to flush the methanol out of the fuel system and engine after a race. I can testify that not only does a methanol-carbureted engine "run like shit" on gasoline, it barely runs at all, but will run well enough/long enough to flush the alky out.

Race guns are like race cars; very specialized, designed and built for very specialized purposes. Just like the average showroom Camry wouldn't stand a snowball's chance against a NASCAR "Camry", neither would my Club Match M&P15 stand a chance against a Full-House Omega Armory AR in 3-Gun, even with Jerry M running it.

When you build a racecar you have to decide if the goal is to win local and regional races, or to win The Nationals (hope springs eternal, but there's this reality thing....). As Dirty Harry mentioned, "A man has to know his limitations", and that's where the whole winning business starts.

Jennifer said...

Oh wow! That IS impressive.

Sigivald said...

No port cover or forward assist. Because racegun.

No FA?

Just like my retro original-prototype-style AR, or a 601, or an original M16!

Will said...


my totally original Turbo Talon runs like shit on that ethanol laced gasoline (in CA). Really bad throttle response, lacking in power, and the fuel mileage drops at least 25%.

Gasohol seems like a scam to me.

The only thing it likes is Chevron gas.

Alien said...

@Will - That's not a surprise to me. I make the Cakalacky-to-FL run a few times a year, and never had the same kind of rental car twice; last fall a 2012 Corolla got 38.7 MPG to Central Florida, and after several tanksful there, only did 34.2 over the same road and cruise control setting coming back (I tracked it for biz expenses and curiosity). Had the same experience a couple weeks back with a Chevy. That tells me some states go heavy on the alky, some states not so much. That's the only reason I can come up with for an MPG drop of almost 12%.

But, contaminating gasoline with +/- 10% ethanol is not at all like setting up an engine to run on straight methanol. Meth requires 2.2X - 2.4X the fuel volume of gasoline to run right, and since meth is a hard to ignite, heavily oxygenated, cold burning fuel, you can run compression ratios way above gasoline; we ran almost 15:1.

Ancient Woodsman said...

That race gun is the Lightning McQueen to my old SP1's Mater.

But I like them both.

Ratus said...

I'll just leave this here.



Mike said...

I can attest to a brake and adjusted gas system's effectiveness. When my AR was all 3-gunned out, it shot an awful lot like how I always imagined a laser rifle would.

Of course, it only really liked to work with one or two kinds of ammo... :p

Old NFO said...

I think the real answer is because..
a. They can
b. Somebody wants it and is willing to pay.
c. race gun :-)