Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't start none, won't be none.

With the news that Detroiters have recorded seven EKIA in as many weeks and a DPD spokeswoman noting that
"The citizens of Detroit are very tired of being bullied by these thugs, for lack of a better word. They're defending themselves and their property and they have every right to do so."
the usual handwringers and pearl-clutchers have crawled out of the woodwork, shambling into comment sections around the internet moaning "BRAIIINS! we have no BRAIIINS!" For instance, check out this one guy, whose Facebook profile alleges that he may have attended the U.S. Army's War College. He wrote:
well, it's certainly cheaper and faster than the old arrest/detain/trial by peers/judge/jail program we have for burglary in most states huh? I say we just allow home owners to be judge+jury+executioner all the time!
You know, if that's the kind of critical thinking that comes out of the War College these days, our sweeping successes in central Asia are starting to make a lot more sense. "Hello, JAG? Is it cool to shoot back at these guys yet or not?" 

Hey, I've got a foolproof, guaranteed 100% successful plan to avoid getting shot dead in some stranger's living room in the middle of the night. See if you can guess what it is, MAJ Einstein.


Anonymous said...

I am sure as a grad of the Carlisle trade school he would be glad to develop a Power Point presentation for home owners about his proposed civilian rules of engagement.

I'm sure he could have his staff do it in 85-100 slides covering such things as diversity in the shooting place, embracing different cultural norms and all the legal disclaimers.

It would involve calling someone half way around the world to ask permission to load their weapon, then wait while someone else approved pointing it and finally a JAG officer to sign off on discharging it.

The procedure should take between 1 to 8 hours but it would be a highly vetted process!


mikee said...

I'd prefer the burglar/mugger/robber population to be unable to practice their trade anywhere, anywhere at all, from bedroom to street to local stores, without experiencing a good chance of meeting more violence than they were prepared to experience.

I thought the War College taught our folks that the entire idea was NOT to engage in a fair fight, but to plan well enough to surprise and overwhelm the enemy?

Divemedic said...

Not any longer. The war college teaches our military to avoid conflict and deescalate while respecting the culture and beliefs of the people that you are there to help build a nation for.
Killing people and blowing things up? That is for barbarians.

Windy Wilson said...

Divemedic, if only they had done that in WW2, the conflict could probably have been over long before Midway and long before the invasion of Sicily. Large savings in life and property, for sure. Too bad this graduate from the Harvey M. War College of liberal arts and Beauty School wasn't in charge.

Blackwing1 said...

I'm not sure which surprises me more:

1) A representative from a major, Dem-wing-controlled police department endorsing the fatal shooting of a home intruder, or

2) The fact that this is being reported on the Puffington Host.

Here in the center of the hive of the Soviet Socialist State of Minnesnowta the gendarmes have the stated policy of "arresting the gun" regardless of circumstances. No matter how egregious the situation, if you use a firearm to defend your self or others, you WILL go to jail. No ifs, ands, or buts.

There could be a wounded axe murderer with his victims spread out dead around him, still frothing at the mouth and swinging the bloody ax back and forth as the police arrive, but if you're the one who shot him, and you haven't been anointed with the magic government fairy dust, you're going to jail.

It's why we're told in our carry-permit courses to NEVER talk to the police after an incident. Nothing you can say is going to change the fact that you're going to end up in jail, and nothing you can say is going to do you any good at all, other than:
- I was attacked
- I will sign a complaint after talking to my lawyer
- There are the witnesses, and there is the evidence
- I do NOT consent to a search, and I want to talk to my lawyer

SJ said...

I saw this article in the DetroitNews. Over the weekend, I had a chance to chat about it with an acquaintance who is retired from the Detroit PD.

Said acquaintance thought that the new Chief was pretty good. And that this statement was evidence that he was doing his best to be friendly to the law-abiding. (Or at least, friendly to those were within the law in the defense of their home.)

Gotta say, this is yet another reminder that life in the 'burbs (only three miles from the City border) is very different from life in the City.

The suburban PD reports a few odd B&E's in town every week. But neither they nor the local news report many "hot" B&E's. Nor do they talk much about defensive gunfire.

But I'm ready, just in case my house becomes the exception to that trend.

KM said...

See if you can guess what it is, MAJ Einstein.

Now you've taunted Maj. Einstein into what I'm sure he thinks is a Kobayashi Maru setup.

Matt said...

Well, its not like the decedents in these situations will stop voting. I am sure many of them will continue to draw welfare benefits as well.

ProudHillbilly said...

If you don't come into my house uninvited I guarantee I won't shoot you in my house.

Sigivald said...

Does he not realize that self defense goes back to, well, forever?

That it was never opposed to trial by jury and judicial process?


Sendarius said...

As the (hypothetical) intended target of a violent home invasion, I have ZERO chance of misidentifying the perpetrator.

With all the "Oops, wrong guy" reports in the press lately about wrongfully convicted former prisoners, I prefer my likely accuracy rate - in both senses of the word.

RevolverRob said...

"our sweeping successes in central Asia are starting to make a lot more sense"

And yet some of my (stupider) friends tell me that we've definitively won our recent conflicts and that if the Russian president goes off his rocker and starts capping NATO-affiliated allies, like the Estonians or Finns, we will rapidly and I quote, "Whoop his ass."

Meanwhile back in the reality of our frontlines things like, "Hello, JAG? Is it cool to shoot back at these guys yet or not?" - Are actually real statements...


PS: Although I am pretty sure the Russians known by now not to mess with the Finnish, those guys actually do know how to "whoop Ruskie ass."

Chuck Pergiel said...

Either the sarcasm is so thick as to be impenetrable, or I'm missing something. Isn't Major Einstein agreeing with the chief?