Saturday, June 21, 2014

From the Book of Face last night...

If I had a HAMR,
I'd HAMR in the morning,
I'd HAMR in the evening,
All over this land,
I'd HAMR out danger,
I'd HAMR out a warning,
I'd HAMR out love between,
My brothers and my sisters,
All over this land.
It was hilarious at the time, actually. I guess you hadta be there.


Kevin Creighton said...

I'd rather have a HAMR on my rail
Yes I would
If I only could.
I surely would

Tom the Impaler said...

Wonder how it compares to the Vortex Spitfire? at about 1/3 the cost I'd take a careful look cause folks seem to like Vortex products

batchainpuller said...

If I had a Hamer....

Tam said...

I would climb over a pile of Vortexes to get to a Loopie.

"...folks seem to like Vortex products..."

There are folks and then there are folks.

Critter said...

Normally I would agree with you but the customer comments are not encouraging.

Tam said...

There are two reviews on that page. One guy liked the scope but said the picture had a Deltapoint red dot on it, which it manifestly does not.

The other was a "fit & finish" kiddy whining that it wasn't like his Trijicons and making some very dubious assertions about assembly quality on a Leupold.

I suppose that to the uninformed, those two reviews are pretty damning.

Graybeard said...

Funny, I looked at it and said, "Wow! Sweet!!!" Dear wife said, "of course it's sweet; it's a Leupold".

Overload in Colorado said...

I would take the HAMR and put it in a PEPR and use it on my REPR.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

So you'll HAMR later.

TBeck said...

"Miami is not Cuba, my friend."

Tom the Impaler said...

Thing is for that kind of money you could get a Trijicon, I like mine just fine. Does it really justify it's price tag in features and durability? I tend to think of Leupold as the people who make me pay extra for click adjustments.

Mike said...

I tried one out. Problem was, everything looked like a nail through it.

staghounds said...

Can't scope this.

Kendal Black said...

Plain old huntin' an' sportin' 4x Leupold works all right for me, and sells for many dollars less. How to use it at short range? Aha!

Cybrludite said...

I always get sticker shock when I look at quality glass. The regular price on that thing is about five times what I've got in my latest M-4gery. (Paid half-price on the lower, and got the upper, stock, and LPK on sale as a package deal for a bit less that just the upper usually goes for...) I understand paying that much if you're actually going downrange for real, but I have trouble doing so for a range toy.

Jennifer said...

When you're thirsty, feeling dry,
When the main's been cut upstream, You won't have to cry.
I'm a side by side. Oh! Enough for a bathtub.
When tap just won't turn on.
Like a fridge full of bottled water
When the plumbing's down
Like a fridge full of bottled water
When the plumbing's down

(I should apologize to Simon and maybe even Garfunkel, but I'm blaming my brother. He wants me to sing the real version for his wedding. Hopefully this won't pop out.)