Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You... you... patriot, you!

So, as background emerges on Mickey and Mallory Knox, New Vegas Edition, the crowd at HuffPo has practically popped a chubby over their wookie-suiter roots. To read commentary around the net, these mopes may have held the guns, but Wayne LaPierre lined up the sights and Rand Paul pulled the trigger.

Of course this miserably fails the ideological Turing test, which is much easier for me to pass than it is for my opponents on gun issues or even general politics. They may actually skim the occasional article in American Rifleman or on PJ Media to bone up for a hit piece, but I can't help but swim in their stuff; it's so ubiquitous that you have to deliberately avoid it if you don't want to get it all over you.

I know their side of the story because I hear it all the time on NPR and NBC, in the editorial commentary disguised as neutral journalism. They, on the other hand, only know that "Those Gun People" come from "The Right", which is some kind of amorphous blob, an undifferentiated mix of Nazis and National Review, Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan, Jonah Goldberg and compound-dwelling Jew-haters, the Klan and Palin and Vanderboegh.

If you want to really get your civil war on, you gotta Other the opposition, and Team Open-Minded Non-Judgmental seems to be keepin' up with the Bob Joneses here.


Paul said...

Yep. Wife listens to NPR non stop and she had dreams she and the boy where running around somewhere hiding from the Nazi's.

When did the Nazi's become a bunch of disorganized rabble, which better describes the right than a regimented lynch mob of some kind.

Up is down and left is right to these people.

Oh well, off to the salt mines.

Greg in Allston said...

A little long for a QotD but still, you hit this one out of the park. You made my morning. God help us and may God save the Republic.

perlhaqr said...

Well, especially Jonah Goldberg, that Jew-hating Nazi. ;)

perlhaqr said...

Or: "So after a string of mass killings perpetrated by Obama voters, they finally got one they can hang around the necks of the serious Pro-2A crowd. That makes the score what, 10 - 1 for the last decade?"


And yeah, as much as I'd like to distance myself from those assholes, the fact of it is that sometimes people who live near "our" portion of the Venn Diagram are going to be shitheads, too. :(

Don said...

This is why I don't blog much. Easier to come here and find my opinion already laid out.

Joseph said...

Headline this morning at CNN: "Right-Wing Extremist Strike Again"

Ignoring the fact that many if not all of the recent mass white people shooters were registered dems. But don't let that keep you from using the blood of victims as lube for your masturbatory session CNN.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a mil-blog commenter saying that Alex Jones bears some culpability for this shooting because (if I followed the logic correctly), if you say something loud enough, often enough, someone with a few screws loose will take you seriously and what they do is your fault. *Sigh* Because Gadsden flag and scary black gun.


Maxwell said...

My favorite parts are the comments, wherein hand-wringers want our benevolent and protective government to DEAL with these 'violent terrorists'.
You know, the same government releasing (real) terrorists from Gitmo, ignoring immigration laws wholesale, and selling arms to Mexican drug cartels. Yeah, that government.


Wolfman said...

I see that Democracy Now! is leading with 'Who were recently at the Bundy Ranch', but if I'm remembering some of the stories, wasn't there a married couple who were Prohibited Persons tyat got themselves kicked off the Bundy Ranch situation for suspicion of being agents provacateur?

Windy Wilson said...

Anonymous, "if you say something loud enough, often enough, someone with a few screws loose will take you seriously and what they do is your fault," which is why, famously, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were prosecuted for the Tate-LaBianca murders in 1970.

If it's all the NRA's fault, and whoever manufactured those guns, then it's clearly Seagram's and Coor's and Budweiser's fault for drunk driving, and we need reasonable regulation of the sale and possession of alcohol, since that bottle of wine in your fridge is enabling all those drunks out there. Neo-Prohibition, anyone?

rickn8or said...

I'll bet CNN was really disappointed by the lack of Bibles and kiddie porn at the shooters' apartment.

Aaron said...

The sheer amount of mouth-frothing hatred coming from across the aisle is getting pretty sporty.

I fear you're right about the othering and what it portends.

molonlabe said...

Black and Latino gangs are responsible for more murders in a normal day that white extremists commit in a year.

Which of these problems do HuffPo and the media want to cover?

Tam said...


As a rule, white suburbanites only care about murder in anything other than the most abstract fashion when it's other white suburbanites getting killed.

Broadly speaking, that goes as well for both poles of the political spectrum.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I notice how fast the Lamestream Media is having an Orgasm about these two ...."Things", but it's like looking for the Lost Ark to find out some Truth about the THIRD Victim, Joseph Wilcox who put his life on the Line to STOP these two..."Things" with his Legal Concealed Carry Weapon.

Guess it would hurt too much for those Antis to give a Hero some credit when it doesn't fit their Agenda, huh?

Scott J said...

Wolfman, according to some folks who were actually there, yes.


But when has the left ever let a little thing like facts get in the way of the narrative (yes, I know the right does it some too).

tailwind said...

It's likely that the third victim, Joseph Wilcox, prevented others from being killed or injured when he confronted the shooters. He ought to be considered a hero, not just a victim.

Kilroy said...

so now that you've established which side is to blame, because that is the important issue... any ideas for solutions to prevent such sprees and onto today's latest school shooting?

The Jack said...

As I've said before.

Yes there's a large portion of the media that loves to cry wolf on the latest "right wing terror attack".

But the lesson from that parable isn't "Wolves don't exist."

Course this guy was also worried about "rampant pollution" and railed against the police for his marijuana convictions.

Which means...
“Fearing dire consequences of Rampant Pollution. Environmentalists go on a rampage!”

Or “Marijuana legalization advocates kill policemen in orgy of revenge for persecution!”

Kristophr said...

perlhaqr: Nazis are leftists.

Hitler really meant it when he promoted national socialism. Just more lies from the left.

And of course, no mention of the CCW holder that prevented what would have been the Walmart Massacre, simply by drawing and confronting them, and making the nutter active killers do what they always do when their "herioc" script gets interrupted.

Kristophr said...

And now we have another schoolyard nutter:

The lid is starting to boil off the pot.

Kristophr said...

tailwind: Yes.

Lesson learned: When confronting an active killer, shoot, don't talk.

NotClauswitz said...

Ewww! I (stupidly) went to the Huffington Post, and now I have a spotty rash and diarrhea. Meh to them.

Tam said...


"...any ideas for solutions to prevent such sprees...?"

You can't.

People shooting people is an inevitable consequence of guns in society the same way that DUI fatalities are of cars 'n' booze.

Freedom is dangerous.

The Jack said...

Oh look, and there was a shooting in a school in Oregon today.

It's already being spun up as the latest Mass Shooter Spree.

Been an interesting month where the "mass" in mass shooting has been defined down and down.

And the bodies (one vic one shooter) aren't even cool and a congress critter is already demanding Universal Background Checks.

Goober said...


Just to elaborate:

"People shooting people is an inevitable consequence of guns in society the same way that DUI fatalities are of cars 'n' booze."

One thing...

"guns in society" is unavoidable if the society in question wants them badly enough.

No matter how tough you make the laws prohibiting those guns.
THis guy was a felon. Prohibited from owning firearms. No law stopped him from getting one and doing harm.

Brazil and Mexico, I'm looking in your direction...

If the population wants to be violent, it doesn't matter if it is free or oppressed. Violence is going to happen.

The population inside of our prison system is likely one of the most restricted, least free populations of any society anywhere, and yet the amount of violence that they are able to commit against one another is startling.

Freedom isn't necessarily the cause of this, and repression won't necessarily be the solution.

What is the solution?

There may not be one. THe one thing that all of these people have in common, other than political beliefs and so forth, is that they are all certifiably crazy as hell.

Crazy people do crazy things. Unless we want to go back to a system of involuntary commitment for the crazy people, we're going to continue having these issues.

rickn8or said...

"When confronting an active killer, shoot, don't talk."

An idea endorsed by none other than Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez:
"When you gotta shoot, shoot; don't talk."

Tam said...


""guns in society" is unavoidable if the society in question wants them badly enough. "

Even if, somehow, we all magically decided we wanted them gone, there are too many to go away. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle here.

Kristophr said...

Good news everybody!

Ofuctard has completely armed AQ in Iraq!


Kristophr said...

Yup, Tam.

Hard to uninvent a 15th Century technology.

Kristophr said...

And now we know why Ofucktard has sent B2s to Britian. Has nothing to do with his being butthurt by Putin, for once.

Firehand said...

I acquired a black-market weapon.(Sales are all registered, but for a small premium of 50%, one may buy a new pistol not far from the spaceport. They come in by the shipload, as they do anywhere the local rulers utter magic incantations to keep them out. Never let your religious beliefs get in the way of the law of supply and demand.)

The Weapon, Michael Z Williamson

Coconut said...

Goober - you're preaching to the minister, I think.

KM said...

Hard to uninvent a 15th Century technology.


Sport Pilot said...

Emphatically not domestic terrorist is my take on the rather public murder suicide Vegas incident. The reality is surprise it's not happening more frequently. Attention seeking nut jobs love the post incident attention prospects, even knowing they'll be among the deceased.

staghounds said...

Because Kali forbid we stop giving them publicity millions won't buy-


perlhaqr said...

Kristopher: Yes, I'm aware of that.

Which is why, if you look carefully at what I wrote, you'll note that there's nothing about "right-wing" in there, just "Pro-2A", which those shitheads undoubtedly were.

I also suspect that however serious Hitler may have been about the "socialism" part of "National Socialism", most modern American neo-nazis haven't the foggiest about that. I'd have to guess most of them aren't really concerned with the economics of the movement, beyond "Goddamn Jews run the banks, goddamn mud-people on welfare".

Kristophr said...

perlhaqr: Don't be so sure of that.

The stormfront dweebs were really keyboard masturbating over Occutard statements blasting Jews and Bankers. They had convinced themselves that the socialist wretches were finally on their side.

I don't really consider the neo-nazis to be pro-gun. They are entirely OK with banning gun sales to non-whites and non-nazis.

Geodkyt said...

Yeah, teh Neo-Nazis are just as socialist as their 1932 Korpsbruden were.

They just don't like the word "socialist".

Note, if you are appealing to the lower class by proposing to take down the upper classes and share the wealth, especially when it's because you say the upper classes got there (or stay there) by not "playing fair" and rigging the system against the honest Volk at the bottom, um, yeah, you're a socialist.

batchainpuller said...

Awesome, Insty stumbled in here. Every porpoise needs love every now and then.

RobertW said...

What if some of the "gun people" ARE Jewish? How does that fit into their narrative? Oh wait, I get it - we are self-hating Jews.

rickn8or said...

Wait a minute.

I thought the self-hating Jews were the ones that were all gung-ho for gun control.

RobertW said...

I guess whatever works best for the anti-gun narrative. They can reverse themselves day to day without blinking.