Thursday, June 19, 2014


So, apparently fighting internet activism on the internet is a thing now?

That's entirely too meta for my tastes, personally.


Roberta X said...

Should we start a Facebook page?

The Jack said...

Huh... so recursive preemptive defense against accusations of hashtag activism. "Oh no I'm not one of those people, in fact I started a redit trend against mindless internet action."

Or maybe it's just being earnestly, and cluelessly, added to the pile of sins against the world. "You're right, people just blathering on the internet is taking us away from the real problems! I'll add that to my Myspace page!"

Could also be an ironic statement...

Bleah too early.

And now I'm bracing for the next layer of meta.

Tam said...

"Should we start a Facebook page?"

A Tumblr, I think? Maybe with an associated YouTube channel.


Roberta X said...


...Get it?