Friday, June 13, 2014

Steel Yourself

Part of the Year Of Not Shooting So Suckily is going to involve getting out there and shooting against other people, because it's way too easy to fool yourself without a clock and someone keeping score.

I'm thinking that Friday Night Steel at MCF&G looks like fun. Can't make tonight, but I'll be there for the next one. (And then there's bowling pins, which is just big, dirty fun.)


Scott J said...

I'm a game addict.

Only question I had for my Ortho at my follow up visit was "can I shoot the match this weekend?"

He said yes but I have to wear the boot.

He called the gravel terrain and activities I described as a "recipe for disaster" with my ankle in its current state.

I don't care if the boot makes me dead last I need to get back out there.

Added a magwell to the Range Officer and during a lunch trip yesterday did a 1 & 1 in 3.19. I was so thrilled I posted it to Bob Vogel's Facebook. It was pathetic by his standards but you gotta start somewhere.

Keads said...

Pin shoots are fun! Good luck!

Aaron said...

Nice, shooting steel is a lot of fun and good practice.

It's a very satisfying sound to hear on the range: bang - clank; bang - clank; bang - clank.

Caleb said...

I used to shoot Friday Night Steel on the reg about a million years ago. It's a lot of fun and very straightforward stuff IIRC. No holster draws, for example due to MCFG's rules on such "dangerous" activities.

Alternatively, there's IDPA out at Atlanta Conservation Club on Saturdays, and the ACC/IDPA guys are a good crew.

Tam said...


"No holster draws, for example due to MCFG's rules on such "dangerous" activities."

You can go from the holster in the pistol bays now.

Given the location and the history, I have no problem with that reg on the main line.

Tam said...

(You heard the tale of the Arby's parking lot, right?)

cavemike said...

If you do go to the Bowling Pin shoot do not stay up until 0230 Saturday morning with your brothers who you haven't seen in 4,5, or 6 years. The pins will be the safest thing downrange.

Scott J said...

Tam won't shoot IDPA because her Mag-na-ported .44 isn't legal :P

Anonymous said...

I've decided to shoot some steel matches with a novice lady shooter.
She loved it and now wants to shoot it every month.

I shot a GSSF match last weekend at Rockcastle.
Nice people and I don't suck as bad as I thought.


Anonymous said...

All matches should require you have one bad mag, just so it's fair. No matter how prepared I feel, I always end up with one magazine that won't fee right. I want to force this handicap on everyone!

David said...

I do enjoy my steel matches, and after about 3 years, I'm starting to get the hang of it. Then I shoot USPSA Single Stack once a month just to keep my ego in works.

Dwight Brown said...

I would love to go shoot pins, but I haven't found a pin shoot near me yet.

I do need to get my behind back out and shoot some Steel Challenge matches, though.

"You heard the tale of the Arby's parking lot, right?"

My curiosity is piqued.

Jim said...

Anything having to do with an Arby's is already a scary tale.


Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Scott J said...

Waiting on official word in case there was an error but looks like I managed 31st of 53 overall despite the boot, one procedural due to brainfart and one 10 down FTN because I jerked the trigger making a long shot at a moving target. Should have taken the makeup opportunity presented.

Kevin said...

I really enjoyed my bowling pin matches, but nobody showed up four months in a row. I took the hint.

T.Stahl said...

State championships this Friday and Saturday for me.

T.Stahl said...

State championships this Friday and Saturday for me.