Sunday, October 26, 2014

I have to say it was a good day...

Woke up early on Saturday. Shootin' Buddy swung by and we headed to breakfast at Taste. For some reason, recovering from the Two Day Ebola (I was on a plane recently, so it must have been Ebola, right?) left me absolutely uninterested in anything umame. I eschewed the bacon and the omelets and all the other savory breakfast items and instead satisfied the mad fruit craving that probably indicated a severe vitamin shortage of some sort or another.
 Mmmmm... Fresh fruit and powdered sugar and warm maple syrup and a delicious waffle. Shootin' Buddy is having the "CBBG", which is, I believe, cheesy biscuits and sausage gravy with some over-easy eggs and more shredded cheese.

Before loading the first magazine.
And then on to the range! It was the maiden voyage for the Luger, for me at least. I realized that while I've gotten trigger time on a fair number 9mm P.08s, this was the first time I'd ever fired a Luger in the original 7,65x21mm Parabellum chambering. It was an amazingly pleasant gun to fire; like all the bottle-necked Borchardt cartridge derivatives, there's very little muzzle flip to go with the sturm und drang generated by the high velocity pill.

I have to admit to yelling "Halten sie!" a few times while firing the Luger. It just kind of popped out. Shootin' Buddy and one of the RO's at ECPR each took a turn. The RO handed me his cell phone so I could shoot video of him firing the Luger. ("Did you get the toggle locking back? Oh yeah!") That was almost as fun as shooting the Luger itself.

Size comparison with the ubiquitous Glock 19.
While we were at the range, Shootin' Buddy had a gun delivered.
After 100 rounds of 9mm through the Glock and a test gun, as well as a half dozen or so magazines of "ballistic dry-fire" through the 22/45, we headed for the movie theater to watch Nazis get shot in the face with a wide variety of fine John Moses Browning designs, plus Grease Guns, in Fury. It is apparent that Belton Cooper's work is now the accepted pop history narrative. Ah, well. It was still a very good war movie that was a lot more emotionally involving than I expected.