Thursday, October 09, 2014

"Just as good as" isn't, and other musings...

So, the carbine in the picture hasn't been used terribly hard. It's been to a Louis Awerbuck class, an Appleseed clinic, a couple of Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun matches, a Blogorado, and a couple range trips. It's only had anything like a malfunction twice: Once when I put a magazine in without enough force, and once when I used too much. While the muzzle's been boresnaked and I do keep it lubed, it hasn't been exactly what you'd call "cleaned" during that time.

John Johnston of Ballistic Radio is currently abusing a Knight's carbine, planning on putting 20k through it without cleaning, and KAC will put the thing on display at SHOT. Announcing this on his FB page brought the (sadly, expected) tidal wave of idiot speculation and blatherskite:
  • Accusations that he'd faked the picture of the dirty gun, just slathering grease on the exposed BCG.
  • Intimations that only an AK could do such a thing.
  • Some arglebargle that I didn't even bother trying to parse about direct impingement vs. piston-driven.
Of course, one could shop the "Derp Tier" and have an experience like this instead. (Thing is, those guys don't advertise themselves as "Derp Tier" and charge Colt/BCM/DD prices for some of their gats. Being an informed consumer is as important as ever.)