Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The derpiest derp that ever derped.

Man, the nearly simultaneous occurrence of the .mil's Modular Handgun System announcement and the FBI's switching to 9mm has triggered an amazing flood of Dunning-Kruger derp and outright BS.

My previous favorite bit of internet derp has even been supplanted! I used to occasionally chortle quietly to myself thinking about the kid who had a
"modified kar98k/lee enfield/mosin nagant rifle (enfield bolt action, mosin nagants magazine system, and kar98k caliber and body)"
...but his replacement is a 7.62 Tok aficionado who'll
"...let you know how the next experiment goes.
17 Sabot Rounds. So far chronograph-ed at 2185 FPS @485 ft lbs pressure!
Amazing speed and penetration!!!
Made mine from cut down .223 rounds and cartridge shaper.
u have to double press them to get a great seal...
Is that a Lee, RCBS, or Hornady cartridge shaper? I want to make sure I'm double-pressing right.

(HINT: If you're going to BS on the internet, at least try and make your $#!+ sound plausible.)