Thursday, April 02, 2015

Oh, yumm!

Coming home from the range, I will frequently stop at the little Safeway store at the corner of 56th & Illinois, the commercial heart of Butler Tarkington. Sometimes I'll even walk across the street from there to Kincaid's or 21st Amendment, but I'd never investigated the dining possibilities in the neighborhood. I corrected that yesterday by stopping in to get lunch at Oh Yumm Bistro.

I ordered calamari as an appetizer and the Wagyu (Kobe) slider.

The calamari was calamari. It was perfectly adequate, but didn't rock my world or anything. The breading was tasty but maybe could have been a little more crunchy. The burger, on the other hand...

"havarti, curried tomato jam, crispy leeks, pretzel roll"
...the burger did rock my world. Sweet baby Odin, I get a little mouthwatery just looking at the picture and remembering how it tasted. That was the best burger I recollect having in quite some time. I would also note that what a fast food joint would boast as a "Quarter Pounder(!)" is a "slider" on the small plates menu here. As a lunch burger, it was more than adequately-sized. Recommend. Will eat one again. Soon.