Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Placing my bets...

A friend of mine was a young recruit at Parris Island and related the tale of being on guard duty (or whatever the term is) when one of his fellow recruits came over to report that he'd seen lights in some buildings that were under construction where there weren't supposed to be any lights. My friend went to investigate and, as he put it, "The second I was around the corner and out of view of the other recruit, I was pointing that empty M16 every which way like I was auditioning for an A-Team episode."

Segue from coastal South Carolina in the '80s to downtown Indianapolis in 2015, where an IUPUI campus cop mysteriously got shot in the leg the other night with his own duty weapon while he was patrolling the basement of an empty, locked building:
"Somehow that officer's weapon discharged while he was on patrol in the basement of Cavenaugh Hall."
Uh-huh. His holstered gun mysteriously went off all by itself and for no reason and shot him in the leg. Sure it did. Any bets that he Grebnered himself practicing his fast draw in those deserted basement corridors?

(F-bomb warning, so plug your kid's ears:)

For the eleventeenth time, STOP TOUCHING IT.