Monday, October 26, 2015

Boom, boom, boom...

Sorry for the icky phone picture; I accidentally left my camera at home.
Took the 37 to the range today just to see what it shot like. I had two boxes of Federal's PD45G1 H 185gr Low Recoil Hydra-Shok on hand. Having left my UpLULAin the car, I was only able to cram nine rounds at a time in the gun's ten-round mag. The G17/22-size stick gives up a lot of capacity to gain that extra 0.05" in projectile diameter. You lose two rounds going from .355" to .401", but another five to go from .401" to .451".

I saved ten rounds for later chrono testing, and only fired thirty with the target set at 21 feet. The gun shot okay. "Low Recoil" is obviously a relative thing; there's a lot more sturm und drang than a Glock 19 or even an all-steel Government Model. I used to think recoil was cool; I also used to shoot a lot less than I do now.

It'd be interesting to compare the splits on this thing versus my G19.