Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cue Dee See

So Adam Roth and I run in a lot of the same circles on the internet, and I finally met him at Paul-E-Palooza this year. By then, I'd already seen his innovative Quick-Detach Carrier in beta-test action on John Johnston's test 870, and was intrigued. When he offered to let me try a pre-production sample, I jumped at it.

I installed it on my own 870 at work yesterday afternoon and trotted out onto the range to do a bit of preliminary futzing around with it.

At the risk of using a trite cliche, this thing looks to be a "game chainjah" in the spare-ammo-on-the-guage market. It seems to offer all the best features of velcro-ed shotshell cards with elastic loops and rigid sidesaddles like those from Mesa Tactical, while eliminating most of the downsides of both.

To add an all-American underdog flavor to the whole thing, Adam has scrimped and saved and taught himself a whole bunch of manufacturing techniques just to get these things ready for market. Now all he needs is the injection-molding machinery for making the shell holders, but the big fundraising sites like Indiegogo, RocketHub, and Kickstarter turned him down because "Eewwww! Guns! Icky!" and so Adam turned straight to his future market. If you want in on a discount price for a first-run Q-DC for your Remington or Mossberg, go check him out at (There's also the usual cool swag like t-shirts and bottle openers.)