Saturday, October 17, 2015

Three Quarters

Having a range five minutes from my front door is a real boon. "Hey, Bobbi! I'm running out to go put another hundred rounds of Lucky Gunner's .45 through the CCA gun before it gets busy over there. I'll be back in thirty minutes and we'll go get lunch where they have those great pork bahn mi sammiches."

It's been over a month since the gun was suddenly pressed into the test, getting a half-ass scrub of the rails with a nylon brush and a glop of Slip 2000 on the rails, muzzle, and barrel hood. An interesting side-effect of the lack of proper lubrication in the five weeks since then is that the slide locking back on the last round became somewhat hit-or-miss with this range session, especially with my thumbs-forward grip causing the joint of my thumb to lightly touch the base of the slide stop.

This brings the total rounds fired to 1,500 since the weapon was last cleaned or lubricated, with four failures to go into battery (rounds #356, #1,085, #1,247, #1,492), a failure to feed on round #513, a failure to feed a round of Hornady Critical Duty +P on round #927, and a failure to eject a round of Hornady Critical Duty +P on round #930. 500 rounds to go.