Sunday, May 08, 2016


Slow start this morning.

Meet the Press was decent, at least the last half of it I saw was.

The show, which has been All-Donald-All-The-Time for the last six months, focused today on the topic of "How did the GOP wind up nominating Donald Trump?" I have some ideas, Chuck; gimme a call.

Andrea Mitchell has her own camera these days, one with skin detail turned way down. It's like how every time Cybil Shepherd had a closeup in Moonlighting it looked like there was a quarter inch of vaseline smeared across the camera lens. They'd cut back and forth between her and the other panelists, who were all in the stark, surreal hypertextures of HDTV, and Andrea and the effect was almost jarring.

In other news, I had to provide some portrait photos for a magazine column and now I understand why we were seeing pictures of a flat-tummied, sideburned, patrol-cap-wearing Chuck Taylor in magazines well into the Aughties. And why Andrea gets her own camera.

Content, or at least some food or gun pictures, to follow.