Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Back in the days when I had a favorite handgun cartridge, it was 10mm Auto, because I'm a gun hipster at heart and 10mm Auto is the gun hipster cartridge. (For autos, that is. In revolvers it's .41 Magnum.) It showed that you were a refined and studious sort, more knowledgeable and skilled than the range riffraff.

But if you went to a 10mm Auto fan club meet, how could you stand out from your fellow gun hipsters? With a 9x25 Dillon barrel, of course. 9x25 Dillon is a 10mm case necked down to take a 9mm bullet. Think of it as .357SIG in a 'roid rage.

I've had plans over the years to convert various guns to 9x25 Dillon: the G29 I used to carry, my stainless Delta Elite...I even sketched out a bubblegum pink STI 2011 carry gun. But it's taken me 'til now to actually pull the trigger and order a conversion barrel for a Glock 20.

I got home from helping Bobbi accompany her mom to a doctor's appointment to find the envelope from Lone Wolf Distributors in the mailbox. Stand by for silliness with chronos and jello blocks...