Friday, May 06, 2016

Chrono Wednesday Part II...

So, let's see what mild-shooting practice ammo in the Glock 32 looks like, shall we?

I brought a box of Speer Lawman 125gr TMJ with me to MCF&G to see what kind of numbers it would put up...

Not too shabby, as it turns out. Much tamer than full power defensive loads, by some 100fps, but at the same time it was hotter than any 124gr +P 9mm defensive load I fired out of the longer barreled M&P9 or Sig Sauer P320, sometimes by as much as 50-100fps.
Speer Lawman 125gr TMJ
LO: 1231
HI: 1292
AV: 1253
ES: 61.25
SD: 19.97
After the ten-round chrono string, I shot the rest of the box at the steel plates from twenty yards out.

I did have another failure-to-feed, with the round nosing into the bottom of the feed ramp, like the last range session. It was the third round from a full magazine, number thirteen of the day (#282 of the test). I'll note that the 32 uses the same magazine springs and recoil springs as the 9x19mm Glock 19. I'm beginning to think this is a bad idea.

Anyhow, that makes 319 total rounds fired with three failures to go completely into battery (#63, #78, #126) and two failures to feed (#221, #224, #282). 1,681 rounds left to go.