Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A New Option...

Starting with the July issue, Shooting Illustrated will be an "Official Journal of the NRA". In other words, it will be one of your choices you can receive monthly as a bennie for being an NRA member.
"Why the changes? Until now, NRA has not had an Official Journal that exclusively covers guns, gear and the skills necessary for personal protection. We want to ensure this vital segment of our membership has a journal that reflects their interests. Since NRA already has such a publication in Shooting Illustrated, the decision to make it a member magazine was simple."
This is cool, because I'm partial to the magazine vis a vis the other choices on the slate, and not just because they publish me. At the risk of sounding like I'm toadying up to editor Ed Friedman, he's very aware of self-defense as a prime driver of new firearms sales, the popularity of the action shooting sports, and generally the whole "Gun Culture 2.0" thing, and the content of the magazine continues to gel in that direction. I'll be changing from America's First Freedom to SI immediately.