Friday, May 27, 2016

Almost halfway done...

Range day yesterday morning: Fifty rounds of Winchester 125gr FMJ and fifty of American Eagle 125gr FMJ from Lucky Gunner.

I had...or rather, Jeff at Indy Arms Company had already replaced the magazine springs with 11-coil units from full-size Glock mags, which should eliminate the problem of the slide outrunning the magazine spring's ability to get the next round into position in time. I will note that with the eleven-coil springs, you will definitely be wanting a Maglula UpLULA to assist in getting the last round or two into the magazine.

In the little ziploc baggie is a 20# ISMI flat-wire recoil spring, two pounds heavier than the stock unit, with the intention of keeping the slide from bottoming out so viciously against the frame and exacerbating the gun's muzzle flip.

The first box of fifty, the Winchester stuff, was fired into the lower cluster of shots. Everything fed fine and there were no malfunctions. I then switched out the recoil assembly and loaded up the American Eagle and fired it at the head area of the B-21E target.

Again, the weapon went through the complete cycle of operation with all fifty rounds. Further, gone was the feeling that I could induce a "failure to go into battery" malfunction at will by not gripping the gun firmly enough. Lastly, the heavier spring seemed to have the gun shooting much flatter, as though the slide were no longer slamming violently to a stop at the end of its travel. I'd love to look at this with some high-speed video.

At any rate, that makes 900 total rounds fired since the firearm was last cleaned or lubricated, with four failures to go completely into battery (#63, #78, #126, #748) and four failures to feed (#221, #224, #282, #734). 1,100 rounds left to go.