Friday, March 31, 2017

High and Low

Weird dream last night.

Lots of time in airports and airplanes. At one point I was on an empty jet with the chief pilot from my days at the corporate flight department. He was flying the thing and I kept getting up out of the right seat and running back into the empty cabin, running from window to window to gawk at all the other planes in a sky that was inexplicably as crowded as the ceiling in the Udvar-Hazy museum.

When we landed, instead of taxiing we somehow flew along the taxiways at about 35mph and 10' AGL, in violation of all kinds of laws of physics.

At the airport, there was a crafting class going on in a disused meeting room. Jennifer was making these cool beaten-silver bracelets. I tried my luck at pottery and I know it was a dream because my vases were turning out more or less vase-shaped instead of the sad, kiln-fired, glazed turd shapes that have traditionally been the result of me turning my hands to the clay.