Saturday, March 25, 2017

I'm tired.

Or rather my car is.

Friday I stopped at the local tire mart and left the Zed Drei there while I walked with my range bag across the street to Indy Arms Company for some pew-pew-pew with the M&P M2.0 review gun.

200 rounds through the M&P and a short wait back at the tire place later, I had a new set of skins on the Zed Drei...for about the price of a good deal on an HK P30. Yikes.

Both rears were pretty well worn on the inboard sides, and a smarter person likely would have replaced them before a 1,200-mile round trip, but I never claimed to be all that bright. Further, the driver's side front had a very slow leak in the "no repair" zone.

Due to the fact that rears wear so much faster on the Zed Drei*, and the fact that I'm a starving artist, I usually only replaced the tires on one end of the car at a time, and that when strictly necessary**. Fortunately, I'd just gotten paid, so now the Z3 has the same brand of front and rear tires, for the first time since probably 2004. No wonder this feels kind of like a big deal to me.

*And since front and rear are different sizes and wear directional tires, there's no rotating the tires, either.
**With the Z3 2.8's wheel sizes, your choices are a few varieties of cheap-ass tires that wear like RugRite carpet and are as sticky as oiled cue balls, or Ultra Super Sport tires. Like the joke backronym goes, "Bring Money With".